I Can’t Feel My Fingers

It was damp and windy and absolutely freezing this morning, but I just about managed to get some flying in. When I arrived, there was a guy practising with his DJI Inspire and the Sun was out, making it feel fairly pleasant. Round about 11am, though, the clouds all rolled in, the Sun disappeared and the wind picked up. My first flight with my RS352 wasn’t too bad, but for the second flight, the conditions were a lot more turbulent. At least I seem to have fixed the problem with the prop coming off. I managed one more flight this morning and that was all I really wanted. My hands were freezing and I was shivering to the point of the aeroplane shivering in sympathy. I didn’t think it was going to be that cold, but it must have been the wind. Either that or I’m just getting soft.

Anyway, after the Inspire guy went I was joined by a DJI Mavic, then another Mavic which flew across the field ahead of its owner as he walked across. The Multiplex Xeno also turned up this week, having said that he tried to fly last week, but the rain had set in between the car park and the field. My decision to sit it out at home and wait for the rain to come looks like the better option. The Xeno had a couple of flights, but also succumbed to the cold finger trouble. I really do love watching flying wings as they look so graceful and slippery in the air.

That’s about it, but I took some film of the Mavic when it was landing as I was interested in the geometry. I hadn’t had a good look at one before, but the front blades are mounted above the rear ones, with very little separation between them when they’re spinning. When I first noticed the vertical separation, I did wonder whether the blades actually crossed over the same way they do on a Chinook, but there is a small gap. It might be more a function of how the aircraft packs down into a small space rather than having any aerodynamic advantage?

See what you think of its stability in the video. You can hear the wind on the audio which gives an idea of the conditions this morning.

OK, I have some quadcopters to fix this afternoon as we’re running another Drones Masterclass in March and I’ve just discovered that one of the frames is damaged from the last one we ran in November.


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