Winter Weather

It’s cold. It’s windy. It’s dark. We had sleet and snow yesterday and today’s not much different. I might have got some flying in this morning, but I decided to stay indoors in the warm instead. It hasn’t exactly rained, but there’s been this sort of mist that’s in the air.

I’ve been making butterflies instead this morning.

It’s a 3D printed frame for a micro quadcopter that we use for the Drones Masterclass that we run at work. The next one is at the end of March, but the 3D printing and all the manual work required to make them fly takes up a lot of my spare time. This one’s ready to go, so I’m going to spend the rest of this afternoon trying to get my head around the 3D CAD software to make another design. Each time we run the workshops we try and make small changes so that we’re constantly improving the format.

Just as I’m about to finish, it now really looks like it’s going to snow. It’s been threatening like this all morning, but now it’s getting very dark. Definitely a building day, although I might put my other micro quadcopter together and race it around the house later.


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