I believe it’s called seasonal weather

It’s blowing a gale with heavy showers this morning, exactly as forecast, so I wasn’t planning on doing any flying. It’s probably a good thing too, as I spent the whole of yesterday filming how we hack the HubSan X4C electronics for the next drone workshop that we’re running at the end of the month.



I 3D printed myself a mount for the GoPro camera on Friday, which came out really well. It’s the orange cylinder that you can see in the picture, clamped into my drill press taking the place of the drill. The GoPro is screwed to the underneath of it, just visible in the picture. Originally, I was using a small tripod mount, which I gaffer taped to the drill press, but this works a lot better for filming. The picture is showing the end of the conversion process, when I have the four motors from the HubSan and the flight controller with wires attached and connectors which let you plug it together easily. I’m going to edit the video later today, so I’ll see how it turns out. I’ve had several goes at filming this process, having now converted 7 of them, but never got any satisfactory footage that I could use.



In case you’re wondering what the flight controller and motors attach to, my Dimorphodon frame is almost ready for printing. Whether this will actually work or not is anybody’s guess.

I’ve also got to get the micro FPV quad working, for which I’ve used my super light depron and acrylic frame. This compensates for the heavier Eachine EF-01 AIO camera, which is 9g compared to my Hyperion version weighing just 4g. It checks out with the Fat Shark Predator V2 goggles, so I just need to get everything attached to the frame. Then I’m going to solder a 5.5mm power jack to Deans connector to power my Black Pearl screen so everybody can watch without having to use the goggles.

Maybe I’ll get some flying in next week, but for now I’m busy building stuff?



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