Still Grounded

It’s been drizzling with rain all morning, so, in retrospect, staying indoors was definitely the right choice. I’ve built an FPV micro quadcopter for the workshop we’re running in a couple of weeks.

OK, so the camera’s a bit wonky, but I’m waiting for the glue to set before I fix it properly. I’m quite pleased with this as the flying weight is 54.9g, whereas a regular HubSan X4C (HD) is 51.0g. This is the quadcopter frame from the “Acrylic Blue” video in January, which is the lightest I have. The FPV camera is a cheap one which only cost £30, but weighs over 9g, compared to the 4g weight on my £50 Hyperion camera. This way, I’m hoping to get flights of over 4 minutes out of it, but I haven’t done a proper duration test yet. All the electronics check out, using both the FatShark Goggles and my Black Pearl screen. To make the screen work, I’ve made myself a custom power lead which has the Black Pearl 12v jack plug on one end and a Deans connector on the other. That way I can use my regular flight LiPos to power it as the screen’s internal 3S battery is completely wrecked. The funny thing is that the goggles worked straight away, but I had to switch the screen from NTSC to PAL. I’ve had both of these working with my Hyperion camera on NTSC previously, so I can only think that I must have already switched the goggles and just forgotten about it? For anyone who doesn’t know, once you get the right band and channel, you should see some sort of image that you recognise. If it’s black and white with the image rolling slowly down the display, then the NTSC/PAL setting is wrong and the transmitter and receiver are using different modulation schemes. I haven’t found any compelling reason for choosing one over the other yet, so stuck with the PAL that the camera was set to. It’s usually configurable at both the transmitter and receiver end, but the cameras are tiny and usually harder to figure out. The video looks really good, so I’m looking forward to flying it around the house (with blade guards added).

That’s ticked off my main task for today, but now I’m off to fix the geometry on my Dimorphodon quadcopter frame so I can do a 3D printing test tomorrow.


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