March Winds, A Lost Hour and A Drone Workshop

I don’t think I’ve actually done any fixed wing flying in March this year? This week it’s very windy again, but bright and sunny like Spring’s finally here, so it’s just annoying to be sitting indoors. I am completely exhausted from losing an hour’s sleep as the clocks went forward this morning. Then there was the Drones4Good “Engineers Save Lives” event that we ran yesterday. We had two new frames this time around: Dimorphodon and AeroTurtle.



If you’re wondering what the event itself was like, then this shows things in full swing:


You can just see one of the butterflies hovering in the foreground.

I also managed to get some drone to drone shots (drone squared?) with the new HubSan X4C HD camera filming the butterfly in the air:

I’ve been trying to get a shot like this for ages, but it’s really hard to do. I’m also not that impressed by the video from the HubSan’s camera. We were getting better video off of the camera in the custom built FPV quadcopter that we also had, but didn’t have the ability to record from it. The quality of the FPV image in both the FatShark goggles and the Black Pearl display was so good it was frightening. It also turned into an unexpected opportunity for the children to take selfies of themselves by photographing the screen while pointing the drone’s camera at themselves.

That’s three of these events that we’ve done in total now since March last year. I think we lost quite a bit of the kit this time around, but I still need to check it all over on Monday. The frames actually survive remarkably well as I saw a few of them hitting the concrete floor quite hard. We have 5 sets of kit at about £35 each, so it was always intended to be expendable. Anything we can salvage afterwards is a bonus and we got to teach the children how it all works, how to fly them responsibly and how we use them for aerial surveying.

Next week everything is back to normal.


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