Spring is Here!

It’s bright and sunny. There’s not much wind. It’s almost perfect weather for flying and I managed six flights with my RS352 and two with a UMX Taylorcraft.



We’ve also got a new board to mark the flying site, but it’s not got anything written on it yet. Apparently, it was put up last week, but I wasn’t around then.

Anyway, my first fixed wing flying since February was with somebody else’s Ares Taylorcraft. This is a lovely little model, rather like the Champ, and I really like the dark red colour scheme. There was a bit of wind and it’s so light that the rudder doesn’t seem powerful enough at times. You hold full rudder for ages and nothing happens, then suddenly it bites and you have to back off. Most of the time, though, you could push it around the sky with ease. My second landing going with the wind as the ESC had cut was almost perfect, running along the ground on the wheels for quite a distance until it got stopped by a clump of grass.

In between the two Taylorcraft flights, I tried out the first of my new Hyperion G5 SV LiPos. The power available was frightening compared to the 1 year old EX G3 LiPos that I’ve been using. It’s going to be interesting to see how these last, as my original 3 year old CX G3 LiPos are holding up better than the newer ones, which have puffed up terribly. The very old ones will now be retired, followed soon by the 1 year old ones I suspect. Just charging the new cells back up now, I’ve only taken 450mAh out of the 1300mAh pack, so I was being very conservative with the first flights.

I got 2 flights with the RS352 with the brand new cells, then the 2 old cells and finally the 2 very old cells. These were basically trimming flights, as this was my first opportunity to fly in calm conditions since I changed all the servos over at Christmas. The only thing to note was that on the final two flights with the very old cells, the balance was completely off, with the model wanting to dive into the ground. This is weird as I’ve flown with all the old cells interchangeably and not had this problem before. I’ll have to do a balance check later just to try and work out what was happening.

In addition to me and the Taylorcraft, we had a Multiplex foam Extra 300S, a Nieuport biplane, a whole host of foam FPV aircraft (including some really dinky twin boom ones) and a drone. Then finally, an HLG flyer who we’ve seen regularly over the years.

I just love biplanes, so I tried to get a shot of it in flight, but this was the best I could manage. It’s right in the middle of the frame if you look closely at the big cloud.



Finally, it looks like the skylarks are back again. I saw one of the little critters hovering and you could hear them all around singing to each other.

OK, so with no more drone masterclasses to run, I’m now free to finish off my Autogyro. I tend to test fly all my new models around Easter, so that’s a good deadline to aim for.


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