Easter Sunday 2017

It’s Easter Sunday today, but the weather seems to be following the same pattern as yesterday. It’s bright and sunny, but with a strong north wind. I decided to stay at home this week and it looks like a good decision as the wind has steadily increased throughout the morning. This isn’t like it was in the old days when I remember getting in four consecutive days of flying over the Easter weekend. One time, I remember, I brought a different model every day and somebody remarked on the fact that I had flown an F16, a Vampire, a CAP231, a flying wing and a glider. It used to be that I always ended up flying my new models at Easter, so, this year, I had in my mind adding an AutoGyro to that list.

I’ve spent all morning covering the blades with white profilm. However, the more observant amongst you might notice that I’ve only got as far as finishing one of the three blades. This solarfilming is taking a lot longer than I remember. Either I’m really out of practice or the blades are just an awkward shape to cover? Trying to keep the square edge on the bottom of the leading edge is causing me problems. Normally with an aerofoil you can overlap bottom to top on the leading edge and there’s a nice gentle curve that you can smooth the film down on to. With this being square on an autogyro (according to the instructions, the blades won’t start to spin without this edge, but then I’m no expert on autogyros), it makes the covering harder. Not much harder really, I just always take a while to get going with covering jobs. Once I’ve got back into the groove, then I get a lot faster. I’m hoping to be done by this evening, then I’ve got three more days of holiday to finish the rest of the aircraft.


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