A Very Windy Bank Holiday

It’s the May bank holiday this weekend, but the weather’s not co-operating. Today started out very windy and just got worse as the weather front got steadily closer. Needless to say, there’s no flying this week, so I’ve been fixing up the indoor micro quadcopter that I 3D printed last week.



It’s a “whoop” or “Inductrix” style quad with four enclosed rotors intended for indoor FPV flying. This one has space for the F3 Evo controller that I bought a while ago, so it should be a lot more interesting to fly than the modified HubSan ones.

When I say, “fixing up”, I still haven’t managed to get a successful print of this design yet. This one was from a LeapFrog HS, but the printer isn’t extruding the PLA very reliably. This shows up really badly in the supports, and you can see where it’s not printed properly in the photo. The top in the photo is the bottom when printing, so that’s the bit which sits on the plate. The guard rings aren’t too bad, but the thin stator vanes don’t come out at all well.

This is the best print I’ve had so far, and it looks like it can be modified to work, so I’ll just have to see how it goes.

Just to finish on the topic of the weather, I saw this really strange effect this morning:



It looks like the con trail from an aircraft is casting a shadow onto the cloud. It took a while for me to get the camera, but to start with, the shadow and the white con trail were very close together, gradually diverging as the wind separated them.


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