Where is Everybody?



It was just me and the wildlife for most of the morning until a couple turned up with a Mavic drone right at the end. They weren’t having anything to do with me and set up about 50 metres away, but it was nice to see her showing him how to fly it. I said hello on my way home, but that was about it.

The weather wasn’t exactly good, but I managed 5 flights with the RS352. That’s two with the new packs, two with the year old packs and one with a field charged new pack. On the first flight it just didn’t want to fly right. The aircraft’s nose was in the air, there was no penetration and lateral stability was non-existent. I don’t know whether it was the conditions, but I ended up putting in four clicks of down elevator. It actually flew straight and level if I popped the flaps up, then nose down when I dropped the flaps back to the normal flying position. It’s strange, because I was getting trim changes like this the last time I flew it. However, this time around the weather was appalling. It wasn’t immediately obvious, but I’m sure there was turbulence that was rocking the aircraft all over the place. I tried the CG balance dive test and it was absolutely neutral, so that might be the new packs which are slightly lighter, plus I might have added weight to the tail when I glued the skid back on two weeks ago. It’s a very minor change though as I usually fly the RS352 with a touch of positive stability. Actually, I cut my first flight short after one circuit as I was flying in clear glasses and decided immediately that I wanted my normal aviator sunglasses back. Flight one was a flight of two parts, then flight two seemed better. With the older pack on flight three, there was noticeably less power and it was flying really smoothly now. Flight four on the other older pack seemed like there was only just enough power for flight. I think the pack has gone as it didn’t feel like the power was consistent throughout the throttle range. I was flying on 100% for a lot of that flight, but the weather was definitely more blustery. The final flight straight after on the newer pack was a lot better, so maybe flying speed was playing a part in the increasingly windy conditions? It’s all very odd, as it felt like my control inputs weren’t getting to the plane at some times, but in this weather it’s very hard to tell. All I can say is that, when the aircraft was back on the ground, I could see it “wriggling” around in the wind like it was in the air, so I’m going with atmospheric interference for now. I’m still going to do a full system check, though.

Well, that’s it as nothing else happened. I’m still in the process of not finishing my 99.9% complete Atom Autogyro due to pressures of work, as I’ve got a presentation to finish for tomorrow. Hopefully next week will bring some good weather.


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