Very Hot, Very Humid and Really Very Windy



The weather’s going crazy at the moment. On Tuesday we had torrential rain and gale force winds that brought all the trees down and caused chaos on the roads. Yesterday and today, we’ve had at least 30mph winds along with extremely hot sunshine. This is probably because the wind is blowing all the clouds across the sky at a rate of knots. The picture above shows a sweeping curve cut into the cloud by an A380 heading off on its holidays. In real life, this looked absolutely stunning with the sun, the plane cutting an arc in the cloud and the vapour filling in slightly behind the plane. Of course, by the time my Android phone had booted up, the plane had gone and the wind had shifted everything and filled in most of the trail.

Anyway, there didn’t seem to be much point in trying to fly today, unless you had a big glider to play with. That would have been a lot of fun, but I picked up two new tasks for work this week, which prevented me from finishing the closed loop rudder links on the Autogyro. Now I’m thinking that I’ve got some extra time and I can use that to finish the building. I haven’t actually made a closed loop rudder like this before, so I’ve been reading some articles on how to do it. It all looks fairly simple, though, so I should have it working soon.


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