Unsettled Weather

At 8am this morning the wind was already blowing the trees around and making the neighbour’s anemometer go crazy. I would have been on the bike this week, so I decided to stay indoors instead. I’m a bit annoyed with myself for not going flying, but I wouldn’t have got much actual flying in because of the weather.



Instead of flying, I thought I should finally have a look at the 3D printed “Whoop” frame that I’ve had on the bench for the last few months. As always, I underestimated how hard it is to get all the electronics and wiring into such a small space. In the end I cut up another failed 3D print and glued the extra bits onto this one to make a base underneath. This will allow me to fix the flight controller with double sided foam tape and also attach the battery underneath. The FPV camera can go on top. The sellotape in the picture shows where I’ve glued the new bottom piece in place. The PLA material used in the 3D print can be a bit temperamental with cyano, so I’ve left the tape in place for now. With a bit of luck I’ll get it all working later and be able to fly it around the house.

Also, last night I made some final changes to the rudder control rod on the ATOM Autogyro and glued it in position. This now means that all the control surfaces work and I just need to do the final tweaking to make it flight ready. Could it really be that I’ve finally finished it? I’ve only taken about 2 years. My thoughts now are whether I can build an autogyro flight simulator as I’ve never seen one? It looks like I might just have to test fly it the old fashioned way.


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