That’s Busy Building Quadcopters…

It’s too windy to fly this morning, but I’m really busy with the preparations for the Drone Workshop we’re running next week. Yesterday I got an EVO F3 Brushed flight controller working with Cleanflight and the new Frsky XM16 receiver I bought. This meant flashing my Taranis with the new EU LBT firmware, which was an experience in itself. I spent most of the day getting it to bind, then the rest of the day getting the SBUS to work to the flight controller. Eventually I got it all working, so now I need a frame. After finishing up yesterday making improvements to our existing frames, today I’ve moved on to designing a new one for the FPV quadcopter from scratch. I want to use the bigger propellers for greater efficiency, so I need a bigger frame than we currently have. I’ve spent all day trying to build this in FreeCAD and seem to be getting nowhere fast at the moment. We’ll just have to see how that one turns out in the end.


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