Very Windy with Little Surprises

The weather forecast this week is sunny, gale force winds and sub-zero wind chill. It’s too windy to fly, so I’m stuck indoors again. I haven’t flown outside for ages.

Progress on the autogyro has just about come to a halt as I wait for a solarfilm iron:


I’ve put back all the bits that don’t interfere with the missing covering and the new blade just needs a little bit of sticking and drilling now. There is the slight problem of fixing the fibreglass head plate, but I’ve got a plan for that.

Earlier in the week, I lent my RobotBirds pin vice to somebody, who found that the drill bit didn’t quite fit and then went about undoing all the screw fittings. It turns out that the metal bit holder is double ended, so you can turn it around for bigger drills. Even better, it turns out that hidden inside the barrel is another double ended bit holder that fits smaller drills. I never knew that.


I’m busy building a drone simulator this week, so I’m not going to get much building done, but I’m going to try and finish the new autogyro blade. I might even use my new found ability with the pin vice to make a very accurate mounting hole in the balsa blade before I glue the fibreglass reinforcement in place.


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