Mothers’ Day Flying

The weather is still horrible, but not quite bad enough to stop me flying. I’m back in the air again for only the second time this year.



There was no wind when I set out, and it was sunny, but that didn’t last long. The picture lies. Very soon it was blowing a gale, dark and threatening rain. I got lucky, though, and it didn’t rain while I was there.

I got the RS352 into the air very quickly, as I was very rusty and needed the practice. The dark sky and lack of flying for over a month meant that the orientation almost caught me out right after launch. I quickly got back into the groove and soon enough I was joined by another flyer with a red UMX Taylorcraft that he wanted me to test fly. His last one was destroyed in the bag on the way to the field as they are really delicate. After a judicious bit of insulation tape to keep the LiPo in place, while not pulling away all the red colouring, it was up into the now dark grey sky. I’m sure that an aircraft specified as thirty grammes is capable of flying in a thirty miles per hour wind? Isn’t that what it means? Seriously, though, I’ve flown a lot of these and the thin wing section can cut through the wind very effectively if you know what you’re doing. There was a point where I was hovering it, but I got it up and down safely, with only a few bumpy bits in the middle. For a maiden flight, all it needed was three clicks of right rudder (aileron stick) trim, although these weren’t exactly test flying conditions. Having defied the weather gods once, we decided not to do it again, so he went off happy. I had actually exhausted the LiPo on that first flight.

After that I had another three flights with the RS352, another guy and his wife showed up with a DJI Mavic, which only managed one brief flight, then the lady with the micro drone arrived and flew hers around a few times.

OK, that’s it for this week as I have a lot of work still to do. If I hadn’t got any flying in this week, then the picture was going to be the autogyro with its head plate back on and three blades attached. I still haven’t finished the covering as I haven’t been able to order the new solarfilm iron due to work.


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