Stuck Indoors



The roads are closed due to an event today, so I can’t get out to fly. I thought the weather forecast said that it was going to rain anyway, but it never materialised and it’s now hot and sunny again.

Never mind, I’ve spent the time filming a micro quadcopter build and setup with my new Taranis QX7S. The blue thing has just flown its first aircraft, although that was only the micro quad you can see in the picture and then only about 2 inches above the worktop to prove that it was working. The plan is to add the FPV and give it a proper go with the goggles later this evening.

The specifications are as follows:

4×8.5mm brushed motors

500mAh 25C LiPo

FrSky XM 1 gramme SBUS receiver

F3 EVO Brushed Flight Controller

CleanFlight Flight Controller Software

The FrSky bound to the XM receiver without any problems, but it was a real pain to get the auxiliary channels working for the arm and flight mode functions. You have to add a mix for the two switches and assign them to channels 5 and 6. The other thing to remember is to set the “Brushed” mode for the flight controller. This used to be something you had to set on the command line with “set motor_pwm_rate=32000”, but it’s now on a drop down option on the menu. With the receiver type set to “SBUS”, the flight controller should talk to the radio without any problems. NOTE: I’m using the FrSky LBT (Listen before talk) European firmware, which was pre-flashed in both the transmitter and receiver module at the factory.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m going to give the quadcopter a go indoors later, so we’ll have to see how that turns out. Hopefully normal flying will be resumed again next week.


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