Can You Believe It’s Raining?

The MeteoGroup forecast promised heavy rain from early on this morning, but it didn’t materialise until around 12 o’clock. Before that, though, we had 30 seconds of rain, then it stopped, then another 30 seconds of rain, in a repeating pattern throughout the morning until it finally became heavy. It was windy too, so it wasn’t really a day for flying outside. All I’ve managed so far is circuits of the living room with the modified HubSan X4 to cycle some of the LiPos from our drone workshop the other week. It’s all very well having lots of 1C 500mAh LiPos, but somebody has to take care of them between workshops. What I used to do was to charge them, fly them, then charge them back up with the USB charger, periodically taking them off charge to check the voltage until they reached a stable 3.81 volts storage level. All this takes time (looking at the stack of 10 batteries in front of me), so I’m thinking about using the Overlander RC6-VSP charger on the storage mode. I’ll have to make up a special lead and, obviously, there’s no balance cable as they’re 1C, so I’m not sure whether the charger will let me do this. Anyway, the original method means I get lots of flying practice with the HubSan which I was using this morning to improve my ability to maintain a stable hover whatever orientation the quadcopter was in. I’m getting quite good at manoeuvring around with it pointing towards me, but I’m a fixed wing pilot at heart and still don’t feel entirely comfortable when it’s not moving forwards. Even with the glowing blue eyes I forget which way round it is when I’m hovering, but I’m getting a whole lot better at it now.


The grey quad in the foreground was the one I was flying this morning. It’s modified from the HubSan X4 in the box in the background.

Talking about HubSan X4s, I’ve got to do another conversion to turn the X4 into one of our butterflies for a special project. I’m thinking about keeping the corner LEDs on for this one so it glows in the dark. Now that Maplin has gone, I’m going to have to find another source for connectors. I would really like to make the LEDs removable, but it’s going to need some really micro connectors so I don’t add a lot of weight.

Finally, I think it’s about time we did some instructions to show other people how we do these modifications and also publish the frame designs. Ultimately, what I would like to do is to put together kits so that other people can run Drone Masterclasses like we’ve been doing for the last couple of years.


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