September News: Drones are Going to be Banned



The first weekend in September, it’s hot and sunny and there’s no wind. Perfect flying conditions. How did that happen? Anyway, the latest news is that drones are very likely to be banned by the end of the year, but I can’t say that we’re either surprised or disappointed. If the idiots bringing them over every week had some respect for where they were flying and accepted that we know a lot more about safe flying than they do, then there wouldn’t be a problem. There are some drone pilots who I have absolutely no problem with, and then there are a load of nutters.

Back to this week and there was a Spitfire flying around when I arrived. You can’t beat a Spitfire (you’ll need to make the image bigger and zoom in a bit):



No, I take that back, they also had Vampire, which is my favourite aeroplane of all time. It flew beautifully. I really must get my one back to flying state.



Along with the Spitfire and Vampire, someone else turned up with his UMX Taylorcraft, which I flew for him. Actually, I flew it for rather a long time as the battery seemed to go on for ages. I question the thrust line on it, though, and it was also a bit twitchy on the controls. It doesn’t have a proper radio, but one of those cheap 2.4GHz transmitters, so it might have been that. Talking about radios, I really need to replace my own Futaba Field Force 8 as the charging lead is almost impossible to fit into the charging socket now. It really needs a new charging socket soldered in, but when I looked into this before it wasn’t a straightforward repair. Given the age, I should probably get a new radio as the sticks are getting a bit light too.

The other two people to come over both had drones, one DJI Phantom Pro and the other a smaller one, which could have been a DJI Spark, but it’s hard to tell them all apart these days. In addition to this, there was another drone flying at the extreme edge of the field, who wanted nothing to do with us. I was a bit worried by this, as he immediately went vertically up to a great height, not looking like it was going to slow down and stop climbing. He must have been way over his 400 feet, let alone the 200 local restriction, but I doubt he cared about that.

Anyway, I had four flights with my RS352, which was really good going seeing as I hadn’t had time to charge anything up the night before. It’s very different to flying the Taylorcraft and feels like you’re flying something massive by comparison. I haven’t flown for three weeks, so it took a while to get back into the swing of things, but it was going really well in close to perfect conditions.

Let’s hope for more flying next week.


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