Wet Play Day

It rained all yesterday. It’s absolutely tipped it down from about 6am this morning. And the weather forecast is for the rain to be cleared by 50 mph winds. It’s not a day for going out, so I’m stuck inside experimenting with the PID settings and FrSky Taranis programming on my brushed micro quadcopter.


I did make one flying video this week – well, actually the edit was last Sunday evening, while the flying shots were from the end of August. This was the 3D printed butterfly with the mirror finish that I made a few weeks ago. With the red and blue lights, I was obviously going to fly it in the dark, so here is the flying shot with the lights on and the shadow on the ground, together with the view you get flying it in the dark. It’s really great up until the point when the battery starts to go, the lights flash on and off and the strobe effect means you can’t see anything. I need to make some more “in the dark” videos as you can get some great effects, but this one needs a bit more editing before I upload it.

Anyway, this week marks the end of my current cycle of work, before I draw a line under everything and start again from fresh in October. I’ve done far too much work in August and September, so I’m going to resolve to work on my own projects more from now on. There’s just one last software release to get out for Thursday and then I’m free. In fact two hours after that I’m having a meeting with a company about drones, so who knows where that might lead? OK, let’s do this software development on a Sunday thing one last time.


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