Owned Aircraft:

Mick Charles Variant II

Chris Foss Wot 4 MK 2

Secret Weapon

Galaxy Models Aerojet

Balsa Cabin Sonata E

Green pup biplane (OD) (never flew successfully)

Little Tinker

Red and Yellow T Tail (OD)

Orange and Blue Speed 400 glider (OD)

Wing 1 (OD)

Mini-Wing (OD)

Kyosho F16

Vampire (Flying Scale Models Plan)

Tucano (Nigel Hawes, RCM&E)

Acrostik (Andrew Turner) (15 Feb 2015)

Simprop Cap231

Extra 300 (OD)


Wing Thing 2 (electrified mini wing)

Hubsan X4

Hubsan Q4

Silverlit heli (2x, blue and red)

Silverlit Helicube

Atom Autogyro (13 August 2017)


Other Aircraft that I’ve Flown:


Hawk? Electric Glider

E-flite UMX Beast Biplane (

The wing that nearly looped and crashed (zagi?)

J blue and white cabin last week (super cub)

Multiplex Easy Star I (various)

Easy Bee (wouldn’t come down!)

J Quad

J Blade heli

J ParkZone Radian ( 7 Sep 2014

J ParkZone Radian 9 November 2014

J Hobbyzone Cub 30 November, blue and white cabin. radio problem affection rudder (27MHz)

J EFlite UMX Spacewalker 15 Feb 2015

7 June 2015 – Generic Hobbyzone? Cessna type trainer – landed it for him when the tx battery alarm went off.

8 August 2015 – 2x mini wing, J 2x Hobbyzone Champ and BR Sniper II

13 September 2015 – Parkzone Radian, one flight. (BR) Hyperion Sniper II, nose dug in on takeoff, took off with slight up, very twitchy, much too sensitive. Turned down movements. Next flight OK, but rudder had been reversed. Landed, fixed rudder, third flight fine.

27 September 2015 (BR) Dynam A10 Warthog (Ducted Fan), three flights. Retracts, ROG. First test flight. Big nose down moment caused by power or C of G. Managed three trimming flights, but still not fixed problem. Also doesn’t want to unstick from the ground on takeoff.

4 October 2015 (BR) Dynam Hurricane. Retracts, ROG. First test flight perfect even if it nosed over on landing as too fast (no flaps). Second flight ROG, handed over TX, spiralled into ground after a few minutes flight.

25 October 2015 (BR) Dynam Hurricane, now with flaps. One flight. Cut power too far back on landing, dropped last 5 feet and bent retract leg. (J) Hobbyzone UMX Corsair, maiden flight. Ailerons could do with reducing. Loops and rolls quite well for a UMX. Rudder doesn’t have much authority though.

17 April 2015 UMX Spacewalker. (J) Had to add about 50% right rudder to correct constant left roll. Only rudder, elevator, throttle control. Battery cut sooner than expected and ended up in the long grass.

15 May 2016 UMX Spacewalker (J). Spiralled it into the ground. No control. No significant damage, flew it again later. F27 Stryker (mini) (J), vertical dive into ground breaking nose in two places. Either radio failure, or blow back on controls (speed too low for this to be likely). The crash was in exactly the same place as the Spacewalker. Launched, climbed, backed off power, rolled 180 right, nose vertical down, throttle zero, elevator unresponsive. Also flew Axion Alpha 139 (Easy Star Clone) belonging to a father and two small boys. CG was at 50% rather than 33%. Rolling left quite badly, also used rates on ailerons as much too sensitive. I had seen him fly it previously, so flew it for him. CG definitely needs to go forwards, managed pitch oscillation at one point and was using throttle and elevator to keep it in the air. Managed a perfect landing though.

22 May 2016 F27 Strkyer from last week. Nose and shoulder fixed, flew just how you would expect. Rolling right and down, 6 clicks left, 2-3 down. Looped and rolled it. Landing in nice soft grass. No radio problems obvious. Need to watch roll/elevator on turns as you can screw into the ground if you get it wrong and don’t decrease the roll. Also flew UMX SpaceWalker again.

17 June 2016 Twister Micro Helicopter (J). Ailerons seemed ineffective and it felt like it had permanent right aileron trim as I was holding in left most of the time. Flew OK on rudder and elevator though. Managed back and forth circuits with it more of less under control until the rather inelegant landing in the long grass.

11 September 2016 UMX Carbon Cub (J). Beast (J). Cub flaps make the nose rise to 90 degrees. OK once it settles into its new trim, but needs up elevator mixed in. Fantastic flying otherwise. Managed to roll, loop and fly inverted. Approx 10 minute flight. The Beast was also a lot of fun (maybe because of no wind at all?). Managed the best spin I’ve ever done where the wing was properly stalled and it looked amazing. Also approx 10 minute flight of mild aerobatics. Roll rate needs to be increased. Had to feed in lots of up elevator as it was trying to fly into the ground. I think I hit the trim limit.

1 October 2016 FPV quadcopter using the Hyperion 4 gram FPV camera on the 3D printed H Frame with the HubSan electronics. Added Depron mount for the camera which is cyanoed and taped in place. Using the Black Pearl screen, but the battery has gone, so trying to fly in the bedroom with the screen on the floor (power socket). Need more FPV practice.

2 October 2016 Beast (J), low on power compared to last flight. HobbyZone Corsair,  first flight, fantastic in the air. AS3X and SAFE makes it flyable by a complete novice. Take your hands off the sticks and it returns to level flight. Switching out most of the AS3X gain it flies like a real aeroplane. Managed a roll and loop before having to give it back. First take-off from the ground was a nose over when the wheels got stuck. Got the owner to hand launch it which worked well. Landed it for them at the end of the flight. It was in the air for quite a long time bearing in mind that it only had an 1800mAh LiPo. I wouldn’t mind my own one of these.

23 October 2016 Ares UMX Taylorcraft (J), maiden flight (only bought on Friday), flew beautifully in quite windy conditions. Managed a loop, but won’t roll as it’s only rudder/elevator/throttle.

13 November 2016 Ares UMX Taylorcraft (J). Hobby King Bixler, flaps were free to move on their own, so aircraft needed constant correction. Also, balance was neutral, so suggested adding nose weight. Dive test didn’t quite tuck under, but wasn’t comfortable. Also, trims on aileron and rudder reversed deliberately to allow trimming without taking hands off controls. That’s a new one on me.

21 May 2017 Silverlit V-Jet Mini (J). Very weird thing, no pitch control. Elevator has two positions which put the wing in vertical takeoff mode or forward flight mode. Played around with this for a while, but difficult to control in windy conditions. I think it would go better in flat calm. Vertical take off is good and transition in flight works. Directional control is by varying motor power, so it takes a lot to start a turn, then I kept over shooting as I couldn’t stop it turning. Couldn’t turn back into wind as wing is still at about 30 degrees in forward mode, so ended up landing downwind every time. It was fun playing around and learning to fly it though.

28 May 2017 FlyZone UMX Fokker DR1 (J). Looks amazing in the air. Like all bi/tri/quadplanes, the huge lifting surfaces mean it just wants to go up vertically on power. Had to balance throttle with pitch all the way through the flight. It’s so light and delicate that I was worried about the landing, but it was fine on the two flights I got (about 5 mins each?). Turning can take a while to initiate, then it has some spiral tendency. Left turn is noticeably sharper than right with added spiral tendency. It’s like flying a box kite with a high centre of gravity. I never felt confident enough to try and aerobatics, but then it’s just throttle, rudder, elevator. The airframe is very draggy, so it doesn’t glide very well, then it takes a while to accelerate again once the power is back on, so you need to keep ahead of the aircraft. It’s going to tip stall if you slow it down too much.

13 August 2017 Tech One Skysurfer (BR-Hurricane) It’s a Multiplex Easy Star type. Initially climbed too fast on power, rolled left badly, needed more movement on ailerons. Flew over our heads on the landing as it wouldn’t turn right in the air. Owner increased movement. Second flight was perfect. Impressive glide.

20 August 2017 (S), quick flight with soembody else’s own design high wing (smallish) aerobatic aircraft. Very nice to fly, agile, but not overly so. I rolled, looped and did a cuban eight, but didn’t like to do too much as he spent over 10 years building it before actually flying it. I’ve seen him fly it a number of times and he’s helped spinning the autogyro rotors a few times.

27 August 2017 (B), Tech One Skysurfer. He hand launched while I flew and then I gave him the transmitter when it was in the air (twice).

27 August 2017 (J). FlyZone UMX Fokker DR1 (from 28 May). Refused to fly as where the engine cowling had been repaired, it was now fouling the prop, so not enough thrust.

27 August 2017 (S). SIG Kobra emergency landing when telemetry showed the flight battery was low after take-off. He gave me the controller, I flew one left hand turn and the power cut before the turn was complete. Completed turn towards myself and landed successfully with the wind in the long grass.

24 September 2017 (J) FlyZone UMX Fokker DR1. Really windy. Pitched up badly, ended up putting in 10 clicks of down. Probably thrust line as glides OK with power off. Flight ended when power wouldn’t come back on after gliding. Tried 0%, then 100% twice, but now power, so landed. Power was miraculously restored on the ground.

24 September 2017 (B), Tech One Skysurfer. I handlaunched and flew. Aircraft pitched down badly and hit ground straight after launch, but with a high motor I could slide along the ground and get into the air. Needed about 10 clicks of up and 4 right. OK in the bumpy windy conditions, was definitely better the last time I flew it in the calm. Still put in a very good flight.

8 October 2017 (J), Red Ares UMX Taylorcraft. Two flights, the first after he broke it transporting it in the bag a few weeks ago. Rudder badly creased. Initially turning right (rudder/elevator only), applied lots of left aileron trim to correct. There was a strange effect when it was trimmed to fly under power, then letting the speed bleed off caused it to roll progressively more to the right as the speed decreased. There’s something aerodynamic wrong with it, but it’s only a 30g plane, so it’s more like trimming a free flight one. Had two flights.

15 October 2017 (J), UMX Carbon Cub with ailerons and flaps (big UMX as it’s a 2S LiPo). I flew this before a while back. Flew beautifully in very windy conditions, possibly because of the AS3X. Could loop, roll and cuban eight with ease. I even tried a stall turn. Flight was well over 6 minutes from the 2S 280mAh pack.

5 November 2017 (J), UMX Carbon Cub. It was very windy, much too windy really, but it flew perfectly. Must be the AS3X? Did 5 minutes until the alarm went off and landed in order to warm up my hands.

19 November 2017 (J), FlyZone Fokker DR1. Loved flying it in the sunny and still conditions. Flew all the flight with about 50% down elevator as it just wanted to nose up on me and flip over. Even after reducing throttle. Landing was a bit of an event as we all had to jump out of the way. I didn’t expect it to travel as far as it did, but it was a perfect touch down apart from that.

3 March 2018 (J), Red UMX Taylorcraft. Maiden flight in 30mph conditions. Needed 3 clicks of right rudder (aileron stick), but weather windy, gusting, dark and verging on rain.Got it up and down in one piece, but on landing, bumped into the ground a bit hard when the motor wouldn’t come back on. I think I exhausted the LiPo. No damage, just a bit of a foreshortened flare into the grass.

6 May 2018 (J), Hobby Zone Mini Super CUB. Hadn’t flown for 3 years and had been in the back garden. This is on 27MHz and lacking enough wing bands, we taped the wings on. I really loved flying it. It was like flying an old fashioned plane, just guiding it around the sky. The only problem was the throttle, which sprung back to zero (no ratchet) and all the movement was from centre to full forward. Made perfect landing running along the wheels to a stop right in front of us.

10 June 2018 (J), UMX Beast. Aileron power very low, but easy to fly in this trim, as long as you don’t try to roll. Absolutely loved it. Landing on zero power, expected it to flare on the final approach and it didn’t so the bounce off the long grass was harder than expected. No damage though.

1 July 2018 (R), Horizon Hobby Cessna 182(?) (blue), AS3X. (Not sure it it is this one [link]). 30 degrees with 10 knot wind, extreme turbulence. After talking the owner and his son through the maiden flight, they let me have a go to trim it. It was fine, but added a few clicks of right aileron and rather a lot of down. It’s probably the conditions though. They then lost it all the way downwind, I took the controls back, but couldn’t turn into wind to get back on rapidly diminishing power. Ended up landing in the long grass and having a long walk to retrieve it. I was worried about finding it again at the extreme edge of the field, but, after a long walk, there it was waiting for us undamaged. I missed the trees, the pond and hit the middle of the soft long grass. Everybody went home happy.

15 July 2018 (J), Horizon Hobby UMX F4U Corsair (AS3X). First flight, left handed launch, straight into the ground. Second launch with helper, straight into the ground. Third launch with helper, managed to get it airborne, but ailerons far too sensitive. Put in too much aileron and the nose would drop immediately. Flew around for a bit, but eventually lost it while adding up elevator trim as I had to let go of the stick. It went nose down straight into the long grass, but it never made it down to the ground. I found it stuck in the top of the long grass, so there was no damage. We didn’t fly it again after that, but I would like to get it sorted out. I thought AS3X was supposed to be able to fly itself?


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