There’s Nothing Happening This Week

It’s bright and sunny with a strong wind this morning. Precisely my least favourite weather conditions because the sun makes me think I should be outside flying and I keep looking at the clouds skimming across the sky and thinking, “no…”.

Not that it really matters much, as I’m trying to complete a project for work at the moment. This is getting really silly, as, last week I had a presentation to finish for Monday and this week I’m building a voice user interface for a demo on Friday. I keep telling myself that I’m going to finish the autogyro, but the time just isn’t there. Never mind, though, talking computers are fun to play around with.

I do need to make some time to finish the autogyro, though, as RCM&E have just featured an Avro 504K biplane plan, which is something I’ve wanted to build since I made the Airfix kit many, many years ago. On the subject of RCM&E, having picked up the latest copy, I’m really not sure about their new layout. It’s just not as interesting as it was before. All the feature pages use the same format of top two thirds pictures and text in the bottom third of the page. It was better when the images were placed around the text and different articles had different layouts to suit. The show reports always had lots of pictures and a running strip of text along the bottom, which was good for a very visual article. Now, all the articles look like that and there’s no variety any more. Maybe I’ll just get used to it?

OK, I need to get a speech recognition system working by this evening, or I’m going to have some serious problems later this week.